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Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

The Act on Specified Commercial Transactions is a law to prevent illegal and malicious acts by business operators and protect the interests of consumers by establishing rules for transactions that are likely to cause consumer problems, such as mail order sales, including those conducted over the Internet. When selling products or services over the Internet, the law requires that a "Notice Based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions" be posted on the website.


Junboum Park


Gwanak-ku Gwanak-ro 1, Seoul National University, Bld. 35, Seoul, South Korea

Phone / E-mail adress

+82-2-880-8737 /

Chief Administrative Officer

Junboum Park

Other expenses


Cancellation and Refund 

There are no refunds after payment has been made.

Delivery time


Payment methods

Credit card payment through website.

Timing of payment

Each credit card company debit date.

Selling price

Student: 150 USD

Attendees: 250 USD

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