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Geo-Environmental Engineering 2023 (GEE 2023)

The objective of GEE is to provide an international forum for the exchange of ideas and recent advances in the field of geoenvironmental engineering and to give students and young researchers the opportunity to present their works to an international and expert audience.

GEE has been held annually in Japan, Korea, Canada, and France since its inception in 2001.



Design, construction, and management of waste disposal facilities/landfill

Geosynthetics in geo-environmental engineering

Geotechnical reuse/recycling of solid waste

Ground improvement technologies

Remediation of contaminated sites

Environmental risk assessment and management

Suitable geo-environmental engineering

Energy geotechnics

Organization committee

Prof. Em. Masashi Kamon,

RIEG, Kyoto Univ., Japan 

President Prof. Junboum Park,

Seoul National Univ., South Korea 

 Prof. Changwon Kwak,

Inha Technical College, South Korea

Prof. Takeshi Katsumi,

Kyoto Univ., Japan 

Prof. Kenichi Sato,

Fukuoka Univ.,  Japan 

Prof. Toshifumi Igarashi,

Hokkaido Univ.,  Japan

Prof. Toru Inui,

Osaka Univ., Japan

Prof. Catherine Mulligan,

Concordia Univ., Canada 

Prof. Em. Jean-Pierre Gourc,

Univ. Grenoble Alpes, Univ. Joseph-Fourier, France 

Prof. Em. Daniel Levacher,

Caen Normandy Univ., France 
Prof. Mohamed Boutouil,

ESITC Caen, France 

Korean Geotechnical Society

univ_caen normandie.png

Hosted by

Seoul National University, South Korea



Professor Junboum Park, Seoul National University

SNU Secretary members

Dr. Rahim Shahrokhi

Jungman Jo

Aneesu Rahman

Kian Cho

Minho Lee



Student Leaders

Jiajie Tang, RIEG, Kyoto Univ., Japan

Zhang Yiming, Osaka Univ., Japan

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